Universal-Tool Grinding Machine

Offer deails

Machine type: Universal-Tool Grinding Machine
Manufacturer: DECKEL
Model: S1
Machine-No.: R-3084
Machine condition: good
Offer type: used machine

Technical Data

Speed range: 3750 / 7500 rpm
Grinding area: largest milling cutter Ø with flying clamping: 320 mm
largest milling cutter Ø between the tips: 130 mm
max. longitudinal movement of the table slide: 260 mm
Drive type: el./mech.
Drive: 0.4/0.55 kW
Remark: workpiece carrier,
dividing head with SK40 mount,
dividing head with MK4 mount,
2 tailstocks MK1,
swivel plate,
machine vise,
suction in the machine foot,
11 grid discs,
4 grinding wheel holders,
4 tool holders SK40,
3 tool holders MK4,
Collet holders SK40 and MK4,
20 collets 1.0 – 22.0 mm,
various center punches and cone sleeves
Weight: 500 kg

Price on request